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The session with Kushagra was an exhilarating experience. At first I was skeptical about it but then thought to give it a try. I have been suffering from anxiety for a while now and wasn’t sure what the reasons were, because there wasn’t anything that I could think of which lead to my behavioural changes and mood swings.

Meeting with Kushagra helped me figure out the reasons for my frustration and anxiety. He helped me travel back in the past and heal all the incidents that lead to my situation. I couldn’t believe what really happened, it felt like someone lifted a heavy stone off my chest. The moment I opened my eyes I couldn’t believe what happened, I was quiet for some time and when I started to remember all that happened, surprisingly I couldn’t remember anything. He erased my past memories with his techniques and instilled more power and confidence in me. I felt more confident and empowered, the feeling was magical. Not only that he made a room in my subconscious which I could access whenever any negative thought crept in my mind or needed strength. At last, all I can say is Thank you Kushagra, you’ve helped me so much. You made me realise how important I am for myself and only I can help myself.

Anupriya Singh

I met Kushagra for past life regression session. It was a life time experience. He helped me to find the right path and gave me the right direction to go further in life with the help of this session . Visiting past life is not easy but he helped me to visit past with complete ease and to bring all the positive things in this life. He worked as a life coach for me.

Vineeta Solanki

Had an extremely enlightening PLR session with Kushagra Singh. This session done by him had a very positive impact on me as it helped me clearing some very intense blockages. Kushagra directed me throughout the process with every minute point being detailed. This was my first ever such therapeutic session which has helped me lots if you are reading this review and thinking of a session with him. Well, think no more, he can really help you out with cutting of past life chords and many more. I for sure will be visiting him for more sessions in the future. Thank you for all the help, Kushagra.


I was looking for a good past life therapy. My main motive was to get to know a little more about myself. I also had an issue which I wasn’t able to take care of no matter how hard I tried. With your session, I got over that. It is always easier to solve the problem if you know what the problem is. The session told me about my problem. 

The session was good. I saw images and felt the reactions, movements, and emotions. The session includes healing which I loved.

Rohit Solanki

That day, I had a very good time in a long time. That one hour was full of positivity, learning and really good conversation. It was of immense help in understanding many things and seeing things from a different perspective. I’m so grateful for that session and it played a small but major part in my self-realization journey. Hoping for more conversations or moments like that in the future.


Angel Tarot Reading with Kushagra Singh is a completely unique experience. He is a kind, Intuitive and spiritual reader who got directly to the base of what was holding me back in life and areas of concern for the future. He takes time to also have you connect with the cards so that you have more personal experience as well. He is extremely professional and thorough. He is really great and I highly recommend him to others.

Amit Rawal

Kushagra is a dear friend and in my mind, I always see him as a man of great passion… We did theatre together and it overflowed even then. So, when he told me that he was dedicating the next few years to learning how to heal, I knew he would not just dabble with it but completely immerse himself in it. When he surfaced, I had a session on one of my disempowering memories, during which he not only helped me to heal but magically transformed the memory to a more empowering one. It is overwhelming to know someone who can actually facilitate positive and constructive spiritual growth. I look forward to many more such sessions.

Sheetal Sawhney, theatre artist and communication specialist

It is my belief that being friendly with my healer helps me to heal better and faster since I’m willing to be totally transparent and completely vulnerable. Of course, that’s not always easy or possible, but with Kushagra Singh this challenge did not come up even once because he’s one of the most gentle, caring, positive, and friendliest souls that I’ve ever come across. The time, effort, energy, that he’s spent on me, has been extremely impactful. I feel blessed to know him and to have him as a part of my life… Kushagra, thank you for being you: my guide, my friend, my brother.

Saurin Desai, creative writer

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