Hypnotherapy is a tool to consciously relax the body and mind to gain access to the depths of an individual’s subconscious and focussing the thoughts for a specific purpose. There are multiple applications of hypnotherapy like rescripting and healing of painful memories, removing fears and phobias, pain management, removal of addictions, gaining self-confidence, planting affirmations for success amongst myriad other things. 

Past Life Regression Therapy(PLR)

Why do we keep repeating certain patterns? Where do our recurring phobias and fears come from? Why do we feel an instant attraction to certain people and places?

PLR is based upon the theory of reincarnation and the understanding that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience for a limited time.

Angel Tarot Card Readings

Angels are divine beings entrusted by the supreme divinity to help the conscious beings on planet earth. Angels find a mention in ancient Abrahamic texts like the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an. 

Angels cards are a gentle and amazingly accurate tool to gain guidance about any aspect of a person’s life that’s currently confounding, challenging and/or stressful so that in turn the person can live a life in accordance with the light, wisdom, and love from the divine source. 

Vedic Astrological

Vedic astrology is the most famous or sometimes infamous tool used by spiritual therapists, especially in the land of Bharat(India). Using a person’s birth details, ie, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, through various mathematical calculations, the Vedic seers developed a model that could predict the future events.

Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing according to me is the most important of the modalities offered by Soul Quests. As children and/or in teenage/adult life we often go through certain experiences that leave a deep and profound impact on us as individuals and our subconscious. We may not even realize it but certain patterns in our life develop from a painful memory of the current lifetime that inhibits the growth of a person.

Relationship Counselling

Humans are social beings. One of our primary needs is the need to connect and feel a sense of belongingness. Human relationships have the potential to bring the most profound joy and also immense misery. It’s scientifically proven that when people have happy relations they feel more productive, grateful and be healthier in their respective lives.

Dream Therapy

Dreams have always been a source of wonder, mystery, and mysticism in every part of the world. If you google about a particular dream, you’ll find yourself flooded with links and resources that no nothing but to scare you and further confuse you more often than not. Dreams are the language of the subconscious and each and every dream can have a very specific and personal meaning hence, at Soul Quests

Life Purpose Coaching

Einstein said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree then it will live its life believing it’s stupid.” The sad reality of most in the current generation is that they’re stuck with work and jobs that they abhor and detest or they just have no clue as to what they can do to have a meaningful career. Life is lived well when you have a purpose and a drive to wake up each morning and do or create something that satisfies your inner self.

Handwriting and Signature analysis and coaching

Your handwriting is what you are and signature is what you project to the world. Both tools can be a window into an individual’s personality. Even slight tweaks and changes in the handwriting can bring about transformation in a person and hence Soul Quests offers Handwriting and Signature analysis as another tool to induce further growth for the client.

Customised Guided Meditations

Meditation is the number one tool for self-growth in our present day lives but it is often a topic that has people confused and even stressed. Soul Quests understands that meditation is not an accessory but a tool or a technology that needs to be used to create an aura of peace, contentment or for more specific needs and desires. A refined and still human mind is called the “Kalpavriksha” in ancient Indian texts that means it is a wish-fulfilling tree.


– Rs.500 will be charged for an extra 30 mins of every session that extends beyond the scheduled time.

– Facetime/Google Duo is also available for counseling, reading, coaching, and guided meditations.

– For international clients, service charges vary and will be revealed upon request.

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