Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy(PLR)

Why do we keep repeating certain patterns? Where do our recurring phobias and fears come from? Why do we feel an instant attraction to certain people and places?

PLR is based upon the theory of reincarnation and the understanding that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience for a limited time. Most of the present blockages can be traced back to the past and by experiencing what occurred in the past, we can heal current day physical and emotional problems. PLR has found acceptance world over especially post the path-breaking work of Dr. Brian Weiss and his life-transforming book, “Many Lives Many Masters” that got published in 1988. Since then numerous studies and research in the subject has proven to help people release ailments and phobias, mended relationship difficulties, increased their creativity, and released blockages to abundance with amazing results.

Duration: Up to 3 Hours
Consultation Fee: INR 2000

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