Q. Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Absolutely! There are many perceived misconceptions about hypnosis due to lack of awareness about the same. Hypnotherapy doesn’t need medicine or create any form of dependency. All it requires is a willingness to harness the power of your own mind in a positive way. Simply, you can think of it as a guided meditation to achieve a specific result for yourself. No one can “hypnotise” you without your permission.

Q. What if I go to a past life and can’t return?

It is not possible at all. When you take a regression session with a certified past life regression therapist, there is no way that you stay stuck in any part of your past life. Past life regression therapy is used for a specific outcome and for improving the quality of your present life by gaining wisdom from a previous birth. Present is where life happens, so you always come back to the present state.

Q. Is it possible to access a previous lifetime for everyone? What if I’m not able to do so?

Yes, everyone is capable of accessing. Usually, people are able to access in one session itself but sometimes it can take two or three sessions to be able to work with the subconscious and teach the client a meditation practice that will enable easy access and recall of a previous life.

Q. What if I don’t believe in past births? Will a regression still work for me?

You don’t need to. Regression is about helping you find meaningful answers and improve the quality of your current life. There are many modalities offered by me and hence, you have many options for self-development to choose from or I can guide you towards the best modality needed if you feel confused. 

Q. What is success affirmation plantation that is mentioned along with card readings in the service pricing section?

I firmly believe that it’s not enough to just guide a person about what’s going on with their life and energies. I work towards creating results and adding value to your life. And so, each of my one to one readings session involves a short meditation session to help you think about the desired result and support it with a positive & constructive affirmation to work with.

Q. Do both partners need to be present for a relationship counselling session?

Not necessarily. At least for the first couple of sessions, it will be best to have separate sessions and later a joint session can be conducted. 

Q. Do you also offer sessions for offices, corporations, schools, colleges etc?

Absolutely yes! You can get in touch by writing an email to seek@soulquests.in and mention your requirement. There are modules specific to the organisations and can further be customized basis your request.

Q. If I’m unable to come to your office for a session in person, is there any other way via which I can make use of the services?

Totally. For readings, counselling, meditations or even hypnotherapy, we can make use of the advancements of technology to assist you through video calls, facetime or skype sessions.


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